It's a tool used by the rich & famous to activate the energy of a house to turn it into a magnet for more money, blessings and luck!

From Steven Spielberg to Oprah, Whole Foods to Coca Cola, and George Clooney to Disney, Feng Shui is used by an endless list of celebrities and global brands. Brands with zero interest in "being more spiritual" but rather are focused on sales & productivity.

In countries like Hong Kong or Singapore, optimizing the energy of the environment with Feng Shui is as common for businesses as an engineering survey!

Here's what they know that you don't:

Often the energy of your environment is blocking you from getting what you want - harmonious relationships with clients, a sizzling business, a career that lights you up, to truly step into your life's purpose.

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Feng Shui Works Miracles In Your Life
And No, It's Not Just About Moving Furniture

You can change the energy of your home quickly, so that it supports in manifesting the life and business you truly love.

Too often people come to Feng Shui as a last resort.

Law of Attraction doesn't seem to be attracting anything but more struggles. That expensive business coach didn't result in high-paying dream clients. Those perfect funnels that were supposed to fix everything. 

Marriage counselling didn't bring the spark back. And despite shelling out 1000s for family therapy, your kid still spends most of his time in his room playing video games.

Don't believe it?

Read on, my friend, and you'll see the incredible outcomes people are seeing after following a few simple yet transformative steps to correct the energy in their homes.

Personal Support for Rapid Improvements

This programme is highly personalized and interactive, with plenty of access to me so you can make rapid improvements in any area of your life.

Specifically, as a part of the course you will get what you need in order to create a solid foundation from which you, your family and even a business can flourish!

Imagine being able to:

- Increase your ability to attract abundance into your home or business.

- Magnetize your dreams to you.

- Move forward toward the life you desire with a sense of trust and optimism.

- Feel at ease where you work, play and rest.

- Enjoy greater vibrancy and personal energy.

- Walk into a home that sparks your joy.

- Live in an environment that supports you & your dreams

- Watch unexpected miracles unfolding.

- Bring family and friends together in an environment where each person is supported and nurtured.

Here Are Some Of My Success Stories. I Want You To Be One Of These Too!

Anna Marie

"I knew nothing about Feng Shui a little over 10 months ago, until I was introduced to the beautiful Patricia Lohan and her fantastic PowerHouse course.

I would have struggled big time with new ideal paying clients as I was only new to the business world after 11 years in the financial sector.

Overall as a couple we would have had alot of health issues, money issues, family relationship and shouting matches with each other and our kids, the energy in the home over all.

I had no problem signing up to Patricia's 7 week program a opted for the payment plan and enjoyed and looked forward each week to what our house report had in store for us.

Today I have a waiting list of over 3 months and Im only in business over 12 months.

My relationship with my husband and kids has blossomed into a happy energy and are getting on great with the odd small quarrel lol.

Job opportunities came up both for my husband and I with extra income in to the household.

Anything and everything is possible once you believe and plant those seeds in too the universe.

If you are struggling with money issues, health problems, relationships or would love to meet your dream partner, no clients or the lack of them, or you have a crazy idea of wanting to do -something, a want to travel.. join this course."

Anna Siebert

"Patricia's PowerHouse course absolutely exceeded my expectations. I'd roughly looked into Feng Shui a few times in my life but fairly quickly become overwhelmed with advice that seemed to contradict itself and totally didn't make sense for the places I'd lived in. Patricia and Ken provide detailed reports that are specific to your house, which means that no matter what the problem is, it can be remedied. I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical about how adding things here or there would change my life. I could accept that improving the energy in my home would make for more peace and productivity, and as a business owner working from home, that was important to me. But I was absolutely blown away by the results that I saw, too many times to be merely coincidences.

One particular example that really struck me was how putting the remedy in my Fame and Recognition area resulted in me being contacted within days by a magazine wanting to feature me, promote my blogs, set up collaborative opportunities and further my international audience. Seriously, I couldn't make this up.

Patricia makes Feng Shui easy, accessible and a whole lot of fun, and allows you to transform your life into what you dream it to be.

I Anna Siebert, highly recommend it!"

Gael Woods

"I decided to try the PowerHouse Course because my life was feeling constantly "hard" with family conflicts, money struggles and I just wanted everything flowing better and easier. I dove straight in and decluttered and applied ALL of Patricia's remedies. I noticed an immediate difference in my family getting along, and money coming in, we have even sold that home and manifested our dream home which we are now Feng Shuiing. I would highly recommend this course, especially if you have dabbled inFeng Shui without getting results, this is "real" Feng Shui and Patricia is so very sweet and helpful every step of the way."

Kim Kelly

"I wanted to discover how my house was situated from a Feng Shui perspective. Through doing the course I thought I might be able to energetically improve any areas that were out of alignment and make subtle changes that would enhance our life.

What I loved about the course work was how individual and tailored the program is, while having the advantages of a group environment. It's always great to bounce ideas off others and to watch as everyone moves through the process. Especially large transformations for people.

I think our results will be subtle as so many of the areas were close to being right. (which was great to know). I would recommend this course to you if you have some significant things happening in your life that you can't see to shift. If you're feeling stuck or are having trouble gaining direction.

You will get amazing service and info and it's great to have more awareness on this for your family so if you're sitting on the fence I'd say go for it. You can only improve your situation. Thanks P and K!"

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About Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan helps women accelerate their success through creating powerful environments. She has taught the ancient art of Feng Shui to 1000's of women from all walks of life and many parts of the world.

With her guidance, Patricia's clients have gone on to see extraordinary results, from doubling their income, to launching successful businesses, attracting love into their lives and creating more peace, harmony and health for themselves and their families.

It's not just her clients who have enjoyed the benefits of Feng Shui. It was Patricia's own dramatic turn-around that brought her from a single woman struggling as a healer on 5 euros a day to a happily married, successful Feng Shui Consultant. And she accomplished this in under 5 years.

Today Patricia lives with her husband and beloved Soulmate, Ken. She has created her dream life and does the "job" she loves most - helping women manifest their dreams using the power of Feng Shui.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I really be able have transformation in my life?

    There is no reason why not. This course is delivered over 7 weeks, but in reality, it will take you longer to get through all the work and adjustments and timing alignment for what you want to come into your life. However, We are going to give you all of the support, information, resources and tools you need to make the changes– you just need to commit to making it happen! Trust your intuition on this one. We do NOT want to be a source of course remorse for you (or anyone). Ever. That said, we sincerely believe that if your dream life won’t come knocking on your door no matter how much wishing and wanting you do, You’ve got to take inspired action! After all, there’s a reason you’re reading this page (nudge, nudge from Mr. Universe!).

  • Will this course help me in other ways, too?

    This course isn’t just about re-energising your home and business BUT IT COVERS EVERY ASPECT (that's why I love it SO much… each area of your life is covered!

  • Do I really have time to take this on?

    We'd actually flip that Question around: Do you really have time to waste by not taking this on? No—and you don’t need to, either. The tools we share in this course are pure and simple training wheels designed to save you time and bring feng shui into your life with ease. They’ve been tried and tested by our clients and students—and they work because they make sense. And don’t worry – you can’t “fall behind” because you get access to this course content and the online community. You can revisit the lessons again and again, as often as you need to.

  • Yes, but will I actually do the coursework?

    Well I don’t know, …WILL YOU? What you put into this is what you’ll get out of it. It’s up to you do to decide if you’re ready to rid yourself of the past and make space for a new life of abundance, flow & ease! Online learning requires self-discipline and energy. No one will make you login each day. You won’t get kicked out if you fall behind on coursework. But I am ABSOLUTELY here to encourage you along the way. You’ve got an amazing, supportive network through our private Facebook community, where you can ask questions and get feedback. People who put in the effort and work are the ones who see fantastic and dramatic changes in their lives, become happier, and attract the types of things they really want. Your hard work will pay off! Bottom line: If you participate, you’ll be supported. If you WANT to do this, you WILL.

  • It’s all so tempting! BUT….the money thing!

    Investing in yourself is powerful and long lasting. If you keep doing the same thing and getting the same results, it’s time for a change. Are you ready to commit to yourself and say yes to your future life? If the energy is off and you feel it’s not the right fit, go with your gut! It’s easy to link hesitance and resistance to the financial commitment you’ll be making, but that is not always the case. We genuinely want you to join only when and if it feels right for you. Remember you will get access to my Money Magnet Course for free. Yes… Free. If you know you want in, but you legitimately don’t have the funds right now, rest easy. We’ll be launching this course again, so you’ll have another chance to join us in the future.

  • How does an online course work?

    As soon as your payment is processed, within minutes you’ll receive an email with the personal questionnaire we need completed to start compiling the information for your Personal Feng Shui Report and your own personal login details for our private members’ site. You can then log in to the site and access the first modules which include videos, audios, worksheets, interviews, and a whole heap of other useful bonuses. (And heads up, I’m always adding new stuff in here.) You can stream the audios and videos from the site, or download them to your computer, and they’re yours to keep forever.

  • Can I use Feng Shui to help sell my house or business?

    Feng Shui-ing your home to sell is in fact really popular. The purpose of using Feng Shui to sell a home is to harmonise the space in order for the home to sell quickly and for the best price possible. You are provided with how to spruce up the front of your home to attract buyers and how to stimulate your true wealth sector for you to generate a good selling price! If you have a brick-and-mortar business, using Feng Shui will help to build interest, sell quicker and for the price you are asking.

  • We rent, is it still worth Feng Shui-ing our home?

    It sure is worth it! A Feng Shui audit is not going to say you have to paint walls, change doorways or make huge structural changes to your building. I work with what you have and your circumstances. Most changes that you may need to make will be very adaptable to a rental home. Also, you can take your Feng Shui-enhancing items and remedies to another home if you decide to move.

  • How long will it take to notice any difference once my space is Feng Shui-ed?

    If you have implemented all the suggestions I have recommended, have everything up and running and maintained, then it may take about two months to feel the full effects of the change in the energy. Sometimes sooner! Though we always say two months to allow for tweaking and the transformation to really be noticed.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    The success of my course participants so far means we are extremely confident that if you follow the lessons, you will make a huge difference to your life. There is no other feng shui program out there that is so practical, easy to follow, and fun! However, if after 7 days you’re not impressed with the course, and you can show that you’ve participated fully, we’ll happily refund your money and wish you good luck.

  • OK, I’m almost sure. What else you got?

    Need a friendly nudge off the fence? Here’s a recap of what you’ll get with the PowerHouse Programme. Engaging information and tools created for you to transform the energy of your home so that you can attract all your dreams into your life! Save time (weeks? months? years?) by eliminating the frustration and overwhelm associated with trying to make changes yourself and DIY feng shui'ing. Super-clear on what you really want! The universe likes us to be specific. Accountability from an incredible cohort and community, who you’ll connect with on so many different levels. Access to me in the online community & weekly group calls. Lifetime access to the videos & information.

Try PowerHouse for 7 days with our 


It can be very frustrating to invest in many things yet still not gain the results you are after. This is why I have created this Programme and it's why I offer such an exceptional guarantee.

From your date of purchase, you have a full 7 days to work with me and my team and see if the PowerHouse Programme is right for you. If it's not right for you and we have not worked on or issued your personal report, I'll gladly refund your money. If your report has been worked on or issued to you, a $100 administration fee will apply.

No questions, No Hassles, No hard feelings.

The PowerHouse Programme Disclaimer: 

We've made every effort to accurately represent this program and its ability to help you create the life of your dreams. However, there is no guarantee that you will instantly transform your life - you have to take ACTION and implement the recommendations into your home. This is not a quick scheme. Your level of success is dependent on a number of factors, including your dedication, desire, interaction, and completion. Because these factors vary according to each individual's circumstances and effort, I cannot and do not guarantee your success. Many participants have gone on to achieve results as outlined here. You're responsible for the results you achieve, however, I will make every effort to provide you with the quality information and guidance you need to achieve these results.